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Offset the carbon footprint of your holiday airport parking at Gatwick Airport


Gatwick GREEN airport parking will plant one new native tree in the UK for every Gatwick Airport parking booking made via our Gatwick GREEN parking brand.

All tree planting is conducted by a registered charity and you will receive a certificate of proof that your tree has been planted.

Remember the carbon emissions of 100 average family cars can be absorbed by just one hectare of mature woodland.


Help us become a Tree 1000 Company...

Gatwick Green airport parking are striving to become a tree 1000 company


Only by helping us to carry out more and more Gatwick Airport parking contracts can you our valued customer be a part of helping us become a tree 1000 company.

We are sure that once you have experienced our superior valet parking service at Gatwick Airport you will be happy to book with us again and again. Our current tree planting goal is to plant 5000 trees per annum.

At Gatwick GREEN Airport Parking we know that we will be proud to achieve our tree planting goals and we know that all our customers will be proud to be a part of this achievement. By choosing Gatwick GREEN airport parking and planting a tree every time you book an airport parking contract you are directly helping to:


Produce oxygen and renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide.



A mature beech tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 people every year.



Trees help to cool the air and ground around them, thus shade from trees helps cool the Earth's temperature.



A single tree can remove around 1 tonne of CO2 in its lifetime; a single person creates as much as 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. By planting trees you are helping to address this imbalance.



By slowing and filtering rain water trees improve water quality as well as protecting watersheds and aquifers.



Trees help to lower ambient air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.


Who are Gatwick GREEN Airport Parking?


Gatwick GREEN parking is a trading style of the Help-me-park Gatwick Airport meet and greet parking company.

For full information about Help-me-park please click on this link, here you will find every thing we hope you will need to know about us and our Gatwick Airport Parking business. Help-me-park have continually striven to be the best and most reliable airport parking contractor at Gatwick Airport and now with our new Gatwick GREEN airport parking brand we hope to become the most environmentally aware contractor.


What is valet meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport?



You drive directly to the valet parking drop off area at the Gatwick Airport terminal of your choice.




A member of our Gatwick Airport parking team will meet you in person and take possession of your car as you walk directly into the adjacent Gatwick Airport terminal.




Our airport parking team monitor your return flight to Gatwick Airport.


Once you have cleared customs and retrieved your luggage your car will be returned directly to you in person on the Gatwick Airport Parking drop off area.




You depart from Gatwick with the minimum of fuss, and no stress, whilst others fight their baggage on and off transfer buses - AND THEY HAVE NOT EVEN PLANTED A TREE.



Save the planet
Money back guarantee